An informal (and way too general) cover letter

An ideal position for me would be that of responsibility and influence at the strategic executive level, would combine business and technological aspects with advanced research and, quite possibly, though not necessarily, with software development management, and it must be intellectually challenging. I have a lot of experience in a number of fields, and I am always open to trying completely new ones. It actually comes naturally to me - I learn quickly and efficiently and am adept at finding commonalities and connections between very diverse areas.

At present I work in cybersecurity. What pulled me into it was a new field - Deception Technologies. Until 2020 I served as the CTO of TrapX Security - a pioneer of Deception, and now I am a principal Software Architect at Fortinet - one of the largest security companies in the world. I really like the financial industry, and I have significant experience in both quantitative finance and in trading  technologies. I also have a lot of experience in various purely technological fields, so all options will be considered. If you wish to draw my attention to something completely new and different I will be very happy to talk. In any case, business content, ability to influence the strategic direction of the company (supported by budget and resources), and contact with clients and end users are essential components. A position restricted to technology only is less likely to interest me (but "there are more things in heaven and earth"...).

I am no stranger to running R&D groups and projects in companies of varying size, ranging from tiny to not so tiny startups to some of the largest multinationals in different industries. I have extensive experience in managing and co-ordinating development around the globe, in long term maintenance of sizeable projects, and in close communication with demanding clients. I also have significant research and teaching experience in the academia.

Research-wise, I have expertise and experience in computer science, applied mathematics, algorithms, financial analysis, trading technologies, design and development of novel computer systems and system software, network architecture and protocols, cyber-security, physics, astrophysics, cosmology. The order of the above is completely random, and I do know what I am talking about, having developed industrial-strength pseudo- and quasi-random number generators for Monte Carlo pricing of financial derivatives...

I have extensive experience in industrial-strength server- and client-side software development, both userspace and kernel, from software engineering and design to coding to long-term maintenance to software configuration management. I also have lots of experience in system architecture and design, including both software and hardware. I have been, and still am, in the trenches, and proud of it.

My "official" CV is available as a  PDF or a Word document. In addition, there is an overview of selected projects (PDF only), for those who are interested in details.

Thank you very much.