Welcome to Oleg Goldshmidt's Homepage

The site contains mostly professional information about me. If you stumble on it while searching for something or simply by wandering the web (what are the chances of that, I wonder?), and you find something here relevant for your professional endeavours, interests, hobbies, etc., feel free to contact me. I am always happy to establish new contacts and if our interests overlap, why not?

One of the things you'll find here is my CV. It is here to tell you what I am. I am gainfully employed, but if you think you can offer something interesting and exciting feel free to contact me.

I do consulting work on occasion, sometimes on trading or financial derivatives, sometimes on algorithms, sometimes on product and systems architecture, sometimes on software engineering, usually on some combination of the above. If you are interested feel free to contact me, but I normally need an OK from my main employer, and there must be no conflict of interest.

If you don't want to look at the CV but are wondering what fun places I have worked at over the years, there are some links here. The list of my publications is here, while patents and patent applications are on a separate page.

From time to time I give public talks on various technical subjects. Here is a (very short) list of some of my public appearances (not related to my teaching at universities - most recently at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya). I give presentations to existing and potential customers and at industry conferences. I also quite often give talks at my workplace, but for confidentiality reasons I usually cannot post the slides here. If you think there may be an audience for a talk, do drop me a note with a suggestion.

Apart from this, there is little else on my web page at the moment, but hopefully I will add stuff to it as time goes by. What you are not likely to find on this site is any personal information about myself that lies beyond the professional realm. I am not going to put anything personal on the web any time soon. My friends don't need this site to contact me. Anyone else who is sufficiently interested will have to invest the minimal effort into figuring out how to contact me and ask. The contact info is here.