Products, data, algorithms, finance, trading, science and mathematics, operating systems, networks, security, software and hardware… If you are a recruiter or wish to engage my services in a strategic capacity combining customer-facing and research/technology activities then you are probably interested in my up-to-date CV:

Here is a list of my publications and patents:

If you are really interested here is an overview of selected projects:

LinkedIn profile

There is probably no reason to go there – it does not have any more information than this site. But you may have your reasons, so feel free to visit. Note that I ignore connection requests unless we’ve had meaningful interaction, such as a phone conversation or a zoom call, already. Check the CV for contact details.

Lectures and Talks

You may want to look at a sample of my university lectures and other talks that I have given. Here is the Lectures page.

You can contact me right from here:

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